Hornback Chiropractic and Wellness, P.A.
Established in 2002



Hornback Chiropractic and Wellness, P.A. was built on a dream of Dr. Cynthia Hornback's to conveniently offer holistic health care choices to the people of the East Manatee/Lakewood Ranch area. The doors opened on November 4, 2002 on State Road 64 and soon the practice was filled with life from the wonderful community that HCW had found. Since inception, HCW has been appreciated for its community service and for helping families live the natural healthy lifestyle they deserve. HCW is now located in a brand-new facility in Canterbury Commons on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard, providing the opportunity to bring you even more services.

What Sets Us Apart:  

» 3 Chiropractic Physicians

» 2 Physicians Certified in Acupuncture

» Experienced, Attentive Team

» Safe, In-House Digital X-rays

» Comfortable Office Environment

» Excellent Customer Service

» Comprehensive Treatment for the Entire Family

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Choose Lifelong Health And Happiness

We believe that wellness begins with making healthy choices. Through natural chiropractic care and positive lifestyle coaching, we teach and lead individuals and families to: Stay Active . Eat Healthy. Be Happy .

Dr. Cindy, Dr. Heather and Dr. Jacqueline will provide you and your family with a comprehensive lifestyle assessment, including a chiropractic analysis. You receive a personal report that covers your core areas of Movement, Nutrition and Thought. In addition, you benefit from a professional health and wellness plan that contains short and long-term goals accompanied by action plans to guide your elective journey to optimum health.

Our mission

We aim to save and enrich lives through wellness chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle choices. We guide and educate our patients regarding healthy living that is both physiologically/genetically congruent and scientifically supported.


"My hip and lower back were sore from running. After being treated by Dr. Hornback I can exercise now with more ease and I don't get sore or feel any wear and tear." A.P.

"I had lower back pain and a lack of range of motion in my neck. After seeing Dr. Hornback my symptoms have vanished. It has made the little things in life much easier to do and enjoy!" T.B.

"I work on a computer all day and my monthly treatments keep me in shape. Thank-you Dr. Hornback." D.G.