“My hip and lower back were sore from running. After being treated by Dr. Hornback I can exercise now with more ease and I don’t get sore or feel any wear and tear.” A.P.

“My 18 month old suffered from chronic ear infections, sinus infections and allergies. Chiropractic care has drastically improved her quality of life. We’ve been able to take her off of other medication and the weekly adjustments keep her healthier overall.” J.B.

“I had pain in my hip and leg that interfered with sleep, exercise and most activities. After treatment I no longer have the pain and I can sleep, swim and walk comfortably. Dr. Hornback’s staff has been more than kind and helpful Thank you!” M.K.L.

“We had been seeing an infertility specialist for quite some time prior to being treated by Dr. Hornback. After receiving acupuncture treatments, adjustments and supplements, our last invitro attempt was successful and we gave birth to beautiful boy and girl twins.” A.K.

“I have been struggling with chronic lower back pain. I’ve been to numerous orthopedic doctors and medical doctors for treatment. Seeing Dr. Hornback has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. She has been a fabulous doctor and now has me pain free!I have returned to participating in everyday activities without hesitation or worry.” John

“I had lower back pain and a lack of range of motion in my neck. After seeing Dr. Hornback my symptoms have vanished. It has made the little things in life much easier to do and enjoy!” T.B.